Guides Galaxy S10E G970U UNLOCK Tutorial


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How to unlock the Galaxy S10E/SM-G970U

Required items
  1. Samtool software (Download)+CREDITS
  2. USB type C data cable​
  3. S10E​
  4. Windows PC​
  5. USB drivers Downloaded from here
  6. Sim card from alternate carrier​
First you just need to put your device into USB debugging mode.

1. Open settings on the Galaxy S10E

2. Scroll to the bottom and select about phone

3. Tap software information and find "build number"
and tap 7 times.

4. Back out twice, find and open debugging menu.

5. Select USB debugging to enable.

Now open the Samtool software and login. We can now begin the unlock process.

1. Plug your device into the PC using the USB C cable. An alert will display on the device asking for USB debugging permission. Click "Always allow connections from this computer" and then allow the connection.

2. Now back to the Samtool software, to start the unlock simply click the "QC UNLOCK T1" button.

3. Once the process is complete the log on the left of the screen will display "UNLOCK FINISHED".

4. Now just put another carrier sim in the device and when asked for unlock code enter 00000000 or 01234567 (pin should be displayed in log on Samtool screen.)